The BRICs era is over, even for Goldman Sachs

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The handy acronym BRIC made its debut in a 2001 report by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill, when the four nations it referred to made up just 8% of the world’s total economy. For more than a decade since, the theory that Brazil, Russia, India, China (and later South Africa) should be treated as a Continue Reading…

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Brazil: Rousseff Digs in as Split Brazil Opposition Ponders Her Fall

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The new slogan for Dilma Rousseff might be:  “Dilma Doesn’t Dive”.  Just saying.  Despite the fact that her opponents struggle to find a way to unseat her, Brazil’s embattled President is digging in her heels. Rousseff, 67, has stepped up public appearances to trumpet her achievements and on Monday dined with senators to defuse discontent. Continue Reading…

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Santos a Microcosm of What Went Wrong in Brazil

Santos a Microcosm of What Went Wrong in Brazil

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Santos has been known for more than just Pele in Brazil.  Santos Port has also been known as Brazil’s gateway to the world. Now, it’s a window into what went wrong in Latin America’s biggest economy. Exports from Santos have tumbled as demand from China sags. Companies betting on a boon as massive offshore oil Continue Reading…

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