Manaus, Brazil Getting New Stadium for 2014

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Soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil but some states don’t really give much thought into it. Following a 2010 series detailing the 2014 World Cup host cities in Brazil, it is time again to review the progress in Manaus, based in the Northern state of Amazonas and what will be the nation’s most Continue Reading…

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Brazil ‘Clean Record’ Elections, No Crooks Allowed

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In the United States, you can be a felon and hold office, but you can’t vote without some serious sturm und drang.  In Brazil this past weekend, the nationwide municipal elections were most notable for who wasn’t on the ballot.  No Crooks!  Brazil recently held their first elections after its Supreme Court upheld a law Continue Reading…

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Why Wasn’t Brazil’s Lula Indicted in Mensalão Morass

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To most of us who never believed politics or politicians hold a high standard of honesty and integrity, it is now being alleged that former Brazilian President Lula was part of the Mensalão scheme that continues to rock Brazil. Marcos Valério has claimed in an incendiary interview with Veja magazine that the scheme reached into Continue Reading…

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