The Victoria Law Group is an international business law firm headquartered in Miami

Hi, I’m Bob Arnold.  I’m a former soldier, writer, company executive, and realtor at various places around the world.  I am presently an attorney in Miami.  I’ve learned over the years that we live on a small planet.  Our lives, both micro and macro, are driven by international economies, interconnected finance, and global relationships.

At work, I am the founder of the Victoria Law Group, an international law firm based in Miami (  I am also the Broker/Owner and General Counsel at Brickell Global Realty.

Before I started the Victoria Law Group, I was in-house counsel in the Latin America and Caribbean Region of Visa International, the global credit card company.  The aspects of my job at Visa that I absolutely loved served as the catalyst for the formation of the Victoria Law Group.  I loved working on international matters, with a bunch of people from varied and diverse backgrounds.  It is reflective of my life.  It keeps things fresh.

This blog is designed to serve as a resource for Americans who wish to travel to, learn about, or do business in Brazil.  I traveled to Brazil many years ago, and it still holds a special place in my heart.  Also, we have a Brazilian attorney on our staff, and relationships with many Brazilians in Miami.

 Disclaimer: Opinion should be separated from advice and counsel on this blog. I will often opine about news events that have very little to do with the law. Such opinions should be understood to be separate from legal advice and counsel. Expressions of opinions on this site are the exclusive opinion of the author of the opinion. Nothing herein shall create an attorney/client relationship with The Victoria Law Group.