Border Trade War Threatened Between Brazil and Argentina

Border Trade War Threatened Between Brazil and Argentina

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This is exciting.  Two female heads of state are about to go to blows over trade.  I hate to be stereotypically silly, but I can’t help myself.  We’ve got an international cat fight on our hands!  Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff will meet with her counterpart Argentine President Cristina Kirchner in the Argentinean city of Cardales on Nov. 27-28.  Dilma is apparently upset with Kirchner’s imposition of certain protectionist measures employed in response to Brazil’s regional economic dominance.  The measures cut imports from Brazil by 19 percent so far in 2012 according to O Estado de Sao Paolo newspaper.  Dilma is threatening her own brand of retaliation.  Let’s hope they can work it out over a cuppa.

As it is, Brazilians and Argentineans have a love/hate relationship with each other.  They love to hate and hate to love each other.  Somehow, they’ve made it work all these years.

Well ladies, you’ve got our attention.

Read Maria Luiza Rabello’s Business Week article here:

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