world cup.jpgFifa World CupBrazil will be the host of FIFA’s 2014 World Cup, and that means, all eyes are on Brazil.
FIFA’s 20th World Cup, which is scheduled from June 12th to July 13th, 2014 in Brazil is the largest sporting event on the planet.  Soccer fans everywhere are salivating at the thought of the “Beautiful Game” being played in its unofficial homeland, which is Brazil.
Since soccer or futbol or futebol – depending on your native language – became an international sport, no nation has quite put its stamp on it the way that the Brazilians have.  Brazil has garnered five victories and the Selecao’s style of play has been one of the key drivers for the competition’s immense global popularity.  Ever since a certain 17 year old who went by only one name, Pele, graced the world stage with his inventiveness and scoring prowess, soccer fans the world over have adopted Brazil as their second favorite team, behind only the national team of their home country.
Progresso Brazil’s assembly line of international soccer stars includes not only Pele, but also the likes of Socrates, Ronaldo, and most recently Neymar to name a few.Brazil 2014 Logo
For the first time in 64 years, soccer’s biggest event will grace Brazil’s shores and a feast of soccer is sure to be served up in front of zealous crowds as Brazil not only displays its soccer prowess, but also its hospitality.  It will be a celebration where soccer fans will party like it’s Carnival and Reveillon (New Year’s) combined.
All roads lead to Brazil in 2014.  I can’t wait.  Got tickets?

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