Brazil Sues FIFA Over Soccer World Cup Costs

Brazil and FIFA in Legal Battle over 2014

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You knew it wouldn’t go smoothly when they announced the World Cup would be in Brazil.  There were equal cries of joy along with groans of anguish.  Sure, everyone is excited about the prospect of a World Cup in Brazil, but no one ever thought it would be easy.  In the latest episode of the 2014 World Cup saga, Brazilian prosecutors are seeking an injunction to block the use of public funds for temporary infrastructure at World Cup stadiums located throughout Brazil. Structures like tents, cabling, and communication equipment for broadcasters offer no long-term benefit to society, the prosecutors argue, and therefore they should be paid for by the Federation Internationale of Football Associations, the world soccer governing body.  No benefit to society?  I can’t wait to see Lionel Messi on a Brazilian pitch.  That, sir, is benefit enough.

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