Brazil Coca Cola to fly 22 consumers to Brazil for World Cup

Brazil: Coca-Cola to fly 22 consumers to Brazil for World Cup

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Coke lives in the world of aspiration and good times.  If you’re a soccer fan and a Coca-Cola fan, what better time than to have a Coke at the Maracanã in July 2014?  Loyal consumers of premium non-alcoholic drink, Coca-Cola, are in for a jolly ride in this season of football.  Coca-Cola is promising to fly 22 lucky Coke drinkers to Brazil for the World Cup.  As they say, have a coke and a smile.  Of course, you can cry later when your home country’s team is humiliated in the competition, but hey, you were drinking a coke at the World Cup.  There’s always a reason to smile.

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