Brazil Expands Exports to Middle East

Brazil Expands Exports to Middle East

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Usually known for its flash and style, Brazil is getting a name for something completely unsexy:  Soybeans!  Looking into expanding and getting into new markets, BrazArtis, an import-export company based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is set to expand its soybean and corn exports to the Middle East, an endeavor that is aligned with the growing Brazilian grain harvest and exports.

Driven by soybean and corn production, Brazilian grain harvest is estimated to exceed 180 million tons from 170 million last year. The soybean harvest alone for 2012/13 is set to increase by 20% and reach 81 million tons, from 66 million last year. Ranked as the second agricultural commodity export from Brazil, maize production is set to increase by 7% from 66 million tons to 70 million tons.

However, knowing the Brazilians, they will find a way to make agriculture interesting.

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