Brazil: Rio 2016 Committee in Shameful Theft Scandal

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On the one hand, it’s very difficult to monitor and modulate the behavior of each and every one of your employees.  However, when you put on the flag of your country, you take on the role of an international ambassador and you must behave accordingly.  If you fail in doing so, you deserve whatever consequences are doled out upon you.

In an effort to mitigate the shameful behavior of the Rio 2016 Committee Employees in London, Minister Aldo Rebelo said the Rio 2016 committee acted “correctly to investigate the incident” and fire its 10 employees who downloaded the internal documents without authorization during the London Games.

Rebelo, the government official in charge of overseeing Brazil’s World Cup and Olympic preparations, said in a statement that the employees’ behavior does not represent the relationship of “trust and harmony” between the countries hosting the Summer Games.

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