Brazil: Rousseff Digs in as Split Brazil Opposition Ponders Her Fall

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The new slogan for Dilma Rousseff might be:  “Dilma Doesn’t Dive”.  Just saying.  Despite the fact that her opponents struggle to find a way to unseat her, Brazil’s embattled President is digging in her heels.

Rousseff, 67, has stepped up public appearances to trumpet her achievements and on Monday dined with senators to defuse discontent. The meeting came a day after she thwarted some congressional leaders by nominating for a new term the prosecutor who is spearheading a graft probe into dozens of politicians and business executives.

More politicians have joined the majority of Brazilians who say the country may be better off without Rousseff as unemployment rises and a corruption scandal ensnares leaders in her Workers’ Party.

Yet there is no sign Rousseff wants to quit, no evidence that would justify impeachment and little unity in the opposition, said Christopher Garman, the head of country analysis at consulting firm Eurasia Group. That paves the way for further political turmoil, he said.

Read Raymond Colitt’s and Anna Edgarton’s Bloomberg News article here:

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