Brazil: Rousseff Names Chief of Staff

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Nothing that is happening, has happened, or will happen in the immediate future in Brazil gives Brazil observers the warm fuzzies.

Brazil’s president-elect, Dilma Rousseff, named as her chief of staff a former aide to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who was forced to resign as finance minister in 2006 amid a corruption scandal.

Talk about a revolving door!

Congressman Antonio Palocci will head Rousseff’s team when she takes power Jan. 1. Chief of staff is seen as the most powerful Cabinet post.

It is the kind of thing that makes you wonder whether or not Latin America is serious about tackling its endemic corruption. Do they not know what signal they send to the rest of the world by selecting a man already disgraced and tainted by corruption to the most powerful Cabinet position? Business as usual is not good enough.

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