Brazil proposes looser fiscal rules

Brazil’s Dilma Sends New Fiscal Responsibility Bill to Congress

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In an effort to change one of the most important pieces of legislation passed by former Brazilian President Cardoso’s administration, president Dilma Rousseff has sent a bill to the Brazilian Congress that would increase her power to modify the Brazilian tax system.  The changes would make it easier for the government to cut Brazil’s high tax burden and enact other stimulus measures after two years of slow economic growth, but they could also rattle investors who fear Rousseff has been too quick to modify bedrock economic principles.  Those efforts have drawn criticism from the TCU, a government agency that audits public spending, according to articles in Folha de Sao Paulo and Estado de Sao Paulo newspapers recently.  One thing I must say about La Dama Dilma, sister girl ain’t afraid to mix it up, and I like that in a President.

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