More people are filing to become citizens in the face of anti-immigration politics

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  At a recent fair at the Long Beach Convention Center, more than 3,000 immigrants got free help filling out citizenship applications and practiced casting ballots at mock voting booths. Events like this almost certainly were not what Republicans intended when they blocked President Obama‘s program to shield millions of immigrants from deportation. But the new nationwide Continue Reading…

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VLT Train System in Rio’s Port Zone Scheduled to Open in April

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In April, officials say that Rio de Janeiro residents and visitors will be able travel the city’s downtown Centro and Port Zone in one of two Veículo Leve sobre Trilhos/VLT (Vehicle on Light Tracks) lines. The first lines will connect Rio’s downtown and port area to the bus station and the Santos Dumont domestic airport, Continue Reading…

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Brazil waives visa requirement during Olympic period

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Brazil’s lower house voted Thursday to grant a 90-day waiver to foreigners who normally need a visa so they can come to the country next year for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The bill is expected to be approved by the Senate and signed by President Dilma Rousseff. The move benefits Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Chinese Continue Reading…

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Silver Lining for Brazil The World Saw You, and It Liked What it Saw

Silver Lining for Brazil: The World Saw You, and It Liked What it Saw

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The United States sent more tourists to the World Cup this year than any other country.  Few of those tourists expected the United States to compete for title, many of them just wanted to see and experience Brazil.  And by all accounts tourists from around the world went, they saw, they enjoyed.  So much so, Continue Reading…

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marvelous Brazil

Rio De Janeiro is the ‘Marvelous City’, Really

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Rio de Janeiro is truly unique in geography, and sambas to its own rhythm.  Although it is a big, hectic city with a population of 6.3 million, its laid-back charm, its predilection for good times, its tropical vibe and, of course, its beaches make the Rio brand unmistakable.  The sheer stone mountains that drop into Continue Reading…

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Brazil Might Still Reap Economic Benefits from the World Cup

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After averaging 4.5 percent per year GDP growth over the last decade, Brazil has begun a two-year (2014-15) slowdown, stunted by falling commodity prices, rising inflation and wilting consumer confidence. Chest beating Brazil, leader of the BRIC countries, resource rich and business savvy, seems to have lost its mojo. Like a salesmen whose hit a Continue Reading…

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