Brazil: Rio Favelas the New Hot Spots

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Whenever you travel, you really want to do what the locals do.  In Brazil, that is not only a dicey proposition, but also a downright scary one.  On a typical Friday night in Rio de Janeiro, a mix of young locals and tourists sip caipirinhas and dance along to a samba-infused rock band at the Continue Reading…

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Brazil: Piquet Realty Envisions a Miami Future

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Brazilians are passionate about a lot of things.  Most notably, their Selecao – the futbol team—Formula One, and Miami real estate.  Cristiano Piquet is combining the latter two.  He touts his Miami realty firm at car races, polo matches, cattle auctions and cocktail parties in Brazil.  Anywhere there are wealthy Brazilians looking for a “pied-a-terre” Continue Reading…

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Brazil Police Bust 33 in Tourism on Corruption

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Brazil is hot.  Brazil is fashionable.  Brazil is still Brazil.  Lest you get it in your head that Brazil is soon to rival Denmark as the world’s least corrupt country, you need only read the headlines to be reminded that it ain’t happenin’ any time soon.  Police arrested 33 people at Brazil’s Tourism Ministry on Continue Reading…

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