Brazil waives visa requirement during Olympic period

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Brazil’s lower house voted Thursday to grant a 90-day waiver to foreigners who normally need a visa so they can come to the country next year for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The bill is expected to be approved by the Senate and signed by President Dilma Rousseff. The move benefits Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Chinese Continue Reading…

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Brazil: Is Rio Ready for Its Olympic Closeup?

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The 2016 Summer Olympics kicks off on August 5 in Rio de Janeiro — but with less than seven months until the Opening Ceremony, a slew of problems still show no signs of improvement. Will Connors had a good, if troubling, piece in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday laying out the concerns in Rio. Continue Reading…

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Brazil: Rio for the Olympics, Doable!

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Traveling to Brazil is going to get easier this summer, thanks to the Olympics. Brazilian officials are lifting the visa requirements for tourists from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Japan from June 1 to Sept. 18, 2016. Instead of having to pre-apply and fork over $160, tourists will be able to enter the country and Continue Reading…

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