Money that grows on trees – Brazil’s economy is crumbling but its giant pulp firms are booming

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LOOK north from atop the 120-metre (390-foot) bleaching tower at the Horizonte 1 pulp mill, and all you see is plantations of tall, slender eucalyptus trees. They stretch from the factory gate, across the gentle undulations of Mato Grosso do Sul, a state in Brazil’s centre-west, all the way to the horizon. “That’s our competitive Continue Reading…

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U.S. Consulate in Rio Hosts Town Hall for American Citizens

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On February 25th the U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro sent an email to announce a Town Hall Meeting for American citizens at the consulate office, scheduled for Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 3PM. The meeting will feature information on U.S. federal benefits, and the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. According to the announcement, as Continue Reading…

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Brazil’s agony hits home in Florida

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With Americans fixated on the political drama of the 2016 presidential primaries and Tuesday’s vote in Florida, it’s been easy to miss what’s going on in our own hemisphere — including the economic and political collapse of the largest country in Latin America. Brazil is in a very bad way. President Dilma Rousseff is scraping Continue Reading…

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Miami Dolphins Looking to Brazil for Cheerleaders

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Leaving one of the poorest cities in Brazil at 5 a.m., 20-year-old student Luciane Lima traveled from Sao Goncalo to a Copacabana hotel two hours away to join 300 women at an unusual audition in the land of soccer: Cheerleader for the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins started auditions last week, and is targeting soccer-crazy Continue Reading…

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Rio de Janeiro: What to see and do in the next Olympic city, from new attractions to landmarks

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Change is afoot in sunny Rio de Janeiro. Known for its vibrant beaches, undulant skylines and samba, the coastal Brazilian city welcomes a frenzy of new entertainments to mix with its classic charms — just in time for August’s Olympic Games. Here’s what to see. THE BEACH No visit to Rio de Janeiro is complete Continue Reading…

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Rio de Janeiro citizens to receive new app to record police violence in city’s favelas

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A palpable sense of fear pervades Morro da Providencia – the oldest favela in Rio de Janeiro – on the morning after a night of intense gunfire between local criminals and police. For three hours, hundreds of bullets ripped through the public square of Praca Americo Brum on that recent night, in a location known Continue Reading…

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