Dilma and Brazil: An International Circus Which is Fun To Watch…From the Safe Distance of Your Couch

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To say that Dilma Rousseff is an unpopular politician in her own country might just be the understatement of the year.  SHE is less than three months into her second term, but already most Brazilians want to see her go. Grappling with a sickly economy and a hydra-heated corruption scandal at Petrobras — the state-controlled oil giant — she finds herself almost friendless in Brasília. She has already lost control of a Congress where, in theory, her coalition has a comfortable majority. More than 1m Brazilians took to the streets on March 15th to repudiate their president – and Brazilians ain’t the kind to protest. Her approval rating has fallen by 30 points in six months to 13%, the lowest for a Brazilian president since Fernando Collor in 1992, on the eve of his impeachment for corruption.

Nearly 60% of respondents in one poll believe that Ms Rousseff merits the same fate.  Poor Dilma.  Can a sistah get some love?

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