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Hackers Excited About Brazil World Cup 2014

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Few people like to hear bad news and hate to feel as if they’re being manipulated by fear.  But security at large, international gatherings is a big concern.  We all know the stories coming out of Sochi and the amount of money and effort that was spent trying to make sure there were no security disruptions at the Olympic Games.  Although not in as bad a geo-political neighborhood as Sochi, Brazil has its own security concerns.  Notable security concerns for the Brazilians: cyber attacks!  Brazilian hackers are threatening to disrupt the World Cup with attacks ranging from jamming websites to data theft, adding cyber warfare to the list of challenges for a competition already marred by protests, delays and overspending.   I’m optimistic.  I think the World Cup will be one, big, giant party.  Can’t wait.

Read Esteban Israel’s Reuters article here:

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