Manaus in Brazil, Ready to Rock for the World Cup 2014

Manaus in Brazil, Ready to Rock for the World Cup 2014

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As a symbol of Brazil’s economic prowess, they are trying to turn an Amazonian jungle city into an international tourism destination.  Can’t fault them for trying…again.  But this time, the stars may have aligned, and they may pull it off.


At the end of the 19th century, building the Teatro Amazonas opera house in this jungle city during Brazil’s rubber boom was considered the impossible dream.


For some, this century’s equivalent — plunking a World Cup soccer palace in the heat and humidity of a city that sits 2,277 miles up the Amazon River from the Atlantic Ocean and doesn’t even have a first-tier Brazilian league soccer team — also has all the makings of a white elephant.


But dreams are made of White Elephants, the largest external ticket-buying country – the USA – with its citizens penchant for exotic travel, might just make Manaus an amazing, Amazon, Adventure.  Not to mention the visitors from other wealthy western countries:  England, Italy, Switzerland. Along with this G4 + 4, I’m in!

Read Mimi Whitefield’s Miami Herald article here:

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