Manaus World Cup Venue, Jewel of the Amazon Jungle

Manaus: World Cup Venue, Jewel of the Amazon Jungle

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I was talking to a Brazilian friend last week when he informed me that in his opinion, and that of many Brazilians, Manaus should not be a World Cup host city.  That opinion seems to be true, but for the many travelers supporting their World Cup team, they’d probably never have a reason to visit the Amazon otherwise.  And, I reminded him, the World Cup doesn’t belong to Brazil, it belongs to the world.  Brazil is merely the host.  And as such, they should invite us into all of their enchanted nooks and crannies, and let us decide how we want to enjoy them.  For me, my soccer team will be eliminated from the tournament shorty after their plane lands.  I get that.  However, for many of us, going to the Amazon, is just one of the pleasures that Brazil has to offer that we would like to enjoy.  I ask, why not Manaus?

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