Reveillon or New Year in Brazil

If you’ve ever traveled to Brazil to welcome in the New Year, you know it is one of the most popular destinations in the world for celebrating this annual tradition. If you’ve never been to Brazil for a New Year celebration, you should add it to the list of things you absolutely must do, and soon.

Brazil, being the largest country of South America, celebrates the New Year as its very own unique and traditional festival. As one of the most prominent festivals in Brazil, Reveillon is widely celebrated by both the citizens and thousands of tourists. Reveillon – as the Brazilians call it — is observed in a mode of celebration that still values the customs and traditions with strict adherence to the original New Year’s customs. New Year’s celebrations in Brazil are known to be predominantly held on the beaches found throughout the country. Celebrated in many different ways in the regions of Brazil, fireworks, music concerts, and African traditions come together to create the magical celebration of Reveillon. Brazilians have a unique way of seeing the Old Year out. Partying to local Brazilian tunes, discotheques, party halls, pubs, and beaches are crowded with eagerness to bring in the New Year with a positive light. Nonstop music is played including performances by samba, rock, and electronic bands. In order to continue the party spirit, fruit baskets and drink stands are available along the beaches in order to recharge and continue the celebration.

Colors and Symbolism of Reveillon or the Brazilian New Year

On December 31st, New Year’s Eve, Brazilians dress in all white clothing and decorate their outfits with colorful and eye-catching garlands of flowers before arriving at the beach. This attire is a tradition that is believed to bring and sustain good luck for the rest of the year. Like many other holidays, Reveillon encompasses a few simpatias, or superstitions. Colors are valued highly in order to symbolize specific ideologies. Traditionally, Brazilians wear white to symbolize the peaceful year that is ahead of them. Although white is the predominant color for this holiday, to accessorize with colors is what is most important for those who wish to have advantageous New Year.Women wear different color under garments in order to symbolize different features they wish to see in their upcoming year.

White/ Branco Peace, truth, balance, good memory
Yellow/ Amarelo Money, wealth, and wisdom
Pink/Rosa Luck in love, beauty, and repel bad energy
Red/Vermelho Passion, strength, and energy
Blue/Azul Harmony, health, and a calm year
Green/Verde Hope, balance, and new beginnings
Orange/Laranja Financial success, happiness, and personal success
Purple/Violeta Inspiration, imagination, and stability

Reviellon in Rio De Janeiro

The best-known and most carefully organized celebrations are those held in Rio de Janeiro, specifically on Copacabana Beach. This location attracts about two million people, 700,000 of which are tourists. Eager to take part in a celebration they will never forget, participants’ experience a spectacular fire work display performed by large rafts anchored 300 meters from the shore at midnight. During this time, lemanja, the goddess thought to protect the sea, receives offerings from local residents including vases of flowers, fruit, and lit candles alongside slips of paper where everyone writes down their wishes for the upcoming year. The celebration continues until dawn as the sun rises over the horizon as the Brazilians take their first dip in the sea. This celebration is one for the books and allows for the New Year to be welcomed in a festive and jubilant way.