Dilma's Reelection

Observers See Dilma’s Reelection as Bad for Business, What Do They Know

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Investors have been excited about the prospects of Brazil’s future for as long as anyone can remember. Brazil is the emerging economy that keeps on emerging, the country of tomorrow and it always will be. Most observers would have preferred any candidate other than Dilma Rousseff to lead the world’s fourth largest economy, but the Continue Reading…

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russian food sanction

Brazil Seeking Windfall from EU Sanctions on Russia

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As relations among Russia, the United States and the European Union deteriorate over the Ukraine crisis, there may be one unexpected winner: Brazil. Brazil, the region’s agricultural behemoth, is viewing Russia as a big market that will soon be in need of a lot of things the Brazilians, and largely the Brazilians alone, can provide. Continue Reading…

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Dilma Rousseff

Rousseff v. Neves, Dilma’s Got Dough

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Since the end of the Brazil’s World Cup this summer, the country’s attention has turned to its upcoming presidential elections. Many Brazilians are still upset at the profligate spending associated with the World Cup and the dismal performance of the Seleção. And many of them point the finger squarely at current president, President Dilma Rousseff. Well, Continue Reading…

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