Dilma Rousseff

Rousseff v. Neves, Dilma’s Got Dough

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Since the end of the Brazil’s World Cup this summer, the country’s attention has turned to its upcoming presidential elections. Many Brazilians are still upset at the profligate spending associated with the World Cup and the dismal performance of the Seleção. And many of them point the finger squarely at current president, President Dilma Rousseff. Well, Continue Reading…

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American arilines miami to campinas

American Going Direct From Miami to Campinas

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The residual impact of hosting the 2014 World Cup in Brazil remain to be seen. But in one respect, there seems to have been a measurable economic bump: Travel to Brazil. Whether for business or pleasure, the world has now seen Brazil in a way it hadn’t before. And what they’ve seen so far leads Continue Reading…

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Brazil’s Azul Airline Coming Home to U.S., Sort of

Brazil’s Azul Airline Coming Home to U.S., Sort of

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JetBlue, as it’s known in the States, could soon be “kissing its cousin” at the Fort Lauderdale Airport.  FLL is contemplating getting closer to Brazil’s third-largest air carrier, Azul, a “cousin” of JetBlue, could be flying into FLL before the end of the year.  Of course, the crowd in Pompano are beside themselves in anticipation. Continue Reading…

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