Brazil Has Oil, Sort of

Brazil Has Oil, Sort of

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Brazil’s efforts to become one of the world’s major oil producers have attracted businesses such as U.S. drilling giants Halliburton and Baker Hughes, gained it partnerships with oil companies from India and China, lured immigrants from idyllic Norway and drawn investment dollars from American pension funds in Florida, South Carolina and California.  However, so far, Continue Reading…

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Going to Brazil 2014? Don’t Forget Your Wallet!

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World Cup visitors, welcome to Brazil, land of soccer, sun and sky-high prices!   Unlike nearby Latin American nations where a tourist’s U.S. dollar or European Union euro seemingly stretches forever, Brazil is astoundingly expensive.  Astoundingly!   And if you’re planning to follow your favorite soccer team around from city to city, you might be Continue Reading…

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Rio’s Port to be Beautified

Rio’s Port to be Beautified

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If you’ve ever been to Rio De Janeiro, you know it to be a city that could use a touch up.  The international airport looks like an elevated concrete bunker, the main freeway into the city crawls alongside one of the city’s largest favela, Complexo do Alemão, and the port doesn’t seem to have a Continue Reading…

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