Pocket Book Still Open in Brazil

Pocket Book Still Open in Brazil

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Brazil’s and Americans have a lot in common.  And what we were once the unabashed leaders in, the Brazilians are now making up for lost time.  If you live in Miami, it is no surprise to you to learn that Brazilians love to shop.  Just a few years back, they were buying two of everything.  Well now that their economic output has slowed down a bit, they’ve cut back too.  Just a bit.  Domestic consumption remains robust as Brazil’s tight labor markets cause wages to rise, boosting Brazilians’ spending power, economists said recently. Lower interest rates, government tax breaks and greater access to consumer credit have also fueled the local spending bubble.  Hey, you can’t take it with you, so spend it if you got it.  If you’re a retailer, that’s music to your ears.

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