RioRio de Janeiro is the most visited – and some would say loved — city in Brazil.  It boasts of its Carnival celebrations, friendly carioca’s, lush mountains, a kaleidoscope thoroughfare of the marvelous city, and great grand beaches.  The second largest city in Brazil, it also houses huge corporations and industrial giants, and is the bastion of the food, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals and textiles industries in Brazil, to name a few.
Rio 2016
Brazil won the bid to host the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games in October 2, 2009.  Since that time, Rio has been preparing itself to be the first South American city to ever host an Olympic games.
Rio City The people of Rio and indeed all of Brazil are eager to make the 2016 Olympic Games spectacular, and to leave the world with an indelible positive image of the Marvelous City. More than one hundred thousand people are directly involved in the process of organizing and staging the Games since there will be more than ten thousand athletes from 205 nations, expected to participate. Furthermore, fans, sport enthusiast and tourist from all over the world are expected to witness what promises to be a tremendous event. The Organizing Committee for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympics Games have had their hands full as they strive to deliver an excellent Games, with unforgettable celebrations that will endorse and enhance the global image of Brazil in general, and Rio particularly.2016
The event will be a boon to Brazil’s economy as well as the city of Rio de Janeiro through increase investments from hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots and as well as an increase in new business expansion. In the course of some economic analysis, the expected economic gross for 2016 Games will be in the range of U.S. $50 Billion.

Rio, the Olympics, what a perfect combination.  I can’t wait.

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