Rio Olympic Venues Ready

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In early 2014, a senior Olympic Committee official returned from a trip to Rio de Janeiro and declared Brazil’s preparations for the Summer Games to be the worst he’d ever seen. In the two years since, a crippling recession set in, dozens of construction executives were ensnared in a nationwide corruption scandal and the president has been pushed to the brink of impeachment.

And the preparations?

They’re basically fine now, actually. In what is emerging as a rare bright spot in a country buffeted by crisis on all sides, the organizing committee is saying that more than 95 percent of the venues are complete some four months ahead of the opening ceremony and, what’s more, data shows spending has largely remained under control.

Hand-wringing over the status of construction projects, of course, has been part of just about every Olympic Games played in recent memory — especially those held in developing countries. But if there was ever a time that angst seemed justified, it was Rio 2016. Even the city’s mayor, Eduardo Paes, acknowledged that after the corruption probe began, there was a steady stream of skeptics telling him that the construction work would get derailed. “It didn’t,” he said in a recent interview. “And I can guarantee you it won’t.”

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