Silver Lining for Brazil The World Saw You, and It Liked What it Saw

Silver Lining for Brazil: The World Saw You, and It Liked What it Saw

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The United States sent more tourists to the World Cup this year than any other country.  Few of those tourists expected the United States to compete for title, many of them just wanted to see and experience Brazil.  And by all accounts tourists from around the world went, they saw, they enjoyed.  So much so, they have a desire for more.

Like to travel off the beaten path?  Try the city in Brazil that launched the ouster of the Portuguese, Ouro Preto.  Removed from the bustling World Cup host city of Belo Horizonte, this charming colonial town that gave birth to Brazil’s independence.

Ouro Preto, a UNESCO world heritage site whose name means “Black Gold,” is a former mining village a two-hour drive away from the metropolis of Belo Horizonte, where thousands of soccer fans saw Germany destroy a short-handed Brazilian team in the World Cup’s semi-final match.

Don’t go for football, go for history.

Read Frank Griffiths’ AP article here:

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