Visa Free Travel for U.S. and Brazil Soon

Visa Free Travel for U.S. and Brazil Soon

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Rio to Miami express.  I can’t wait.  I want to be Magic and Marvelous.  In a near future, Brazilians may find easier traveling to New York or Florida. The cost and long waiting time period to get the passport stamped to visit the U.S. might finally be over. This is obviously a goal of both governments of Brazil and the United States. But it is a process, a series of agreements that have to be negotiated. In order to annul the visa requirement from another country, the U.S. Congress requires that at least 97 percent of applications be approved.  Last year, the Brazilian rate was 96 percent.

Universities are among the areas of focus for opening travel between the countries.

Read Jay’s Forte The Rio Times article here:

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