Whole World Looking Forward to 2016

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Sports and business in Brazil are gearing up for Rio 2016. Incorporating all of the Olympic sports into a country’s own existing sporting culture is a task that requires work and commitment from the host country. The delivery of the Rio 2016 Games will have a great impact on the mission of bringing the Olympic Movement Brazil’s daily routine.


Recently, during the visit of the Netherlands National Olympic Committee (NOC) to Rio de Janeiro, the former hockey coach and the country’s current head of the Olympic mission, Maurits Hendriks, commented on the subject.

“I believe the 2016 Games will be a great chance for Brazil. The Olympic Games are a great opportunity for the host country to become familiar with not so well known sports and to take part in competitions in which they never participated before, like hockey, a fast and spectacular game”, he said


Whichever sport, the whole world will be watching Rio 2016.

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