Why Wasn’t Brazil’s Lula Indicted in Mensalão Morass

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To most of us who never believed politics or politicians hold a high standard of honesty and integrity, it is now being alleged that former Brazilian President Lula was part of the Mensalão scheme that continues to rock Brazil. Marcos Valério has claimed in an incendiary interview with Veja magazine that the scheme reached into the highest levels of the government. “Lula was the boss,” Valério, the businessman at the heart of the trial, told Veja. Valério says that Lula “commanded everything,” and that the two men met repeatedly, often in unscheduled consultations, at the Palácio do Planalto.  Innocent until proven guilty, but if the accusation is true, it will devastate the confidence the rest of us have in the Brazilian government’s ability to help sustain the Brazilian economic miracle.

Read Lucy Jordan’s The Rio Times article here:


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