Brazil’s Growing Trade Needs Better Infrastructure and More Investments

World Bank Says Brazil Needs Better Infrastructure, Duh!

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When I hear that some institution or think tank has released a report or a study which merely states the obvious, I often wonder what these people are doing with the rest of their time.  Because, if you tell me something I already know, I have to presume that either you’re wasting my time and your time, you’re merely collecting a pay check with very little oversight, accountability and/or deliverables, or both of the above.  The World Bank, a venerable institution, no doubt, has issued a new study on Brazil.  In it, they say that Brazilian productivity and foreign trade would benefit greatly from investments in ports, airports and roads, as well as in machinery and software.  To that I say: 1) The conclusion is true of every country in the world; 2) Tell me something I don’t know; and, 3) How much U.S. Tax Dollars are going to fund this operation?

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