Yale Says, We’ll All Look Like Brazilians

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Americans tend to think of ourselves as the big “Melting Pot”.  Well, if you’ve ever been to Brazil, you soon realize that their pot melted so much it became a mold.  And, according to Yale professor of ecology and evolutionary biology Stephen Stearns, the mixed Brazilian ethnicity is the prototype for what the rest of the world will become.  Stearns says globalization, immigration, cultural diffusion and the ease of modern travel will gradually homogenize the human population, averaging out more and more people’s traits. Because recessive traits depend on two copies of the same gene pairing up in order to get expressed, these traits will express themselves more rarely, and dominant traits will become the norm. In short, blue skin is out. Brown skin is in.  A population forged from the long-term mixing of Africans, Native Americans and Europeans serves as an archetype for the future of humanity, Stearns said: A few centuries from now, we’re all going to look like Brazilians.  However, what will Brazilians look like when we all look like Brazilians?

Read Natalie Wolchover’s LiveScience.com article here:


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